To keep up with demand and bring even more comfort and rustic elegance to our visitors, Hikers Welcome has just completed its brand new two-story barn-style bunk house to accommodate up an additional 24 happy hikers.  Designed and built by one of the top stone and wood craftsmen in the area, it is truly a work of art.  See photo (R) and in our photo gallery for the evolution and inside pics.   

Expansion in 2016

Alyson Moadel-Robblee  is Packrat's wife, and also has a true love for the outdoors. She has backpacked in Europe, Scotland, and all over the U.S.     As a psychologist who runs a cancer wellness program for underserved cancer patients, she has recently begun bringing these two worlds together launching the first-ever urban hiking initiative for cancer patients in the Bronx.     

John "Packrat" Robblee has owned and run the Hikers Welcome for the past 15 years. He is an avid backpacker, and one of a handful of people that is known as a Triple Crowner, for hiking the entire AppalachianTrail('94), Pacific Crest Trail('99), and Continental Divide Trail ('06) from end to end. With over 12,000 miles of hiking under his feet, he is a great source of information, and happy to help with gear repairs, etc.  

Your Hosts

​​​​​The Hikers Welcome is a hostel that caters to over 1,200 long-distance backpackers and section hikers each year, and is run by hard core backpackers. We have created an experience that offers all of the amenities that are desired to recharge you before your next big climb. 


Here it is - June 2016.  Just need to add the trim and we're all set!  Inside is all set up with comfy bunkbeds. 

​​Your Caretaker

Anthony "Legion"Adinolfi  is an experienced hiker that completed the A.T in 2011, and proceeded to hike the P.C.T. in 2012. He has helped run the hostel for the last three years, and we are fortunate to have him again  for the  2016 season, before he heads off on his next adventure.

Legion is dedicated to making hikers and hostel visitors as comfortable and prepared for their own adventures as possible.  He is also very talented with stone work -- as you will see from the amazing rock-sofa around the fire pit and stone-lined walkways throughout the yard.